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Summer SKIN splash !!!!!



Hello my gorgeous ladies. SO here I am with yet another fun “3 S” recipe to flaunt that glowing skin this summer.

I always vouch for and advise all to stick to seasonal eating. We all know that our “SKIN EATS” and so here is a tasty face pack recipe your skin will LOOOOVVEEE.

Summer Spalsh face pack:-


2 fresh strawberries (organic, wisely sourced)- yes as they are one of the highest sprayed fruits.- Contains Vit C which is necessary for collagen formation, Helps lighten the blemishes and acne scars.

Few pieces of fresh cut papaya (organic) – An exfoliating agent, removes dead cells, peels away dry skin.

2-3 grapes (green or black whichever is at home- organic)- Astringent, Rich in antioxidants which help reverse the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots, Contains Vit C which is necessary for collagen formation,

1/2 teaspoon pure, raw HONEY- See the link below

(optional) 1/4 teaspoon dried sew weed / spirulina powder – Emollient, Rich invitations and minerals.

(FOR DRY SKIN) 1-2 drops of coconut oil or almond oil


Mash one strawberry, 2-3 pieces of papaya and 2-3 grapes together. Wet face with room temperature water and use these mashed fruits as a scrub massaging in upward motion. Wash face with Luke warm water.

Mix all the ingredients now mashing them really well and apply as a face pack. Leave it for 10-15 mins or till dry. Wash with Luke warm water and again rinse face with Cole water to close the pores. Pat face dry.

Remember to always keep yourself hydrated with lots of water and have these seasonal fruits.

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Stay close to nature, Stay beautiful




Vitamins R Vital





So, here I am yet again talking about how important it is to include vitamins in our daily diet regimen.

I suggest certain vitamins & mineral supplements to every single diet client of mine and of course add specific once for those who need some more. Within hours of me sending them their individualised nutrition plan I invariably receive an email “Radhika, thanks for such a detailed diet plan but are those “TABLETS”/ “PILLS” really required? I mean i want to stay completely NATURAL.”

My reply usually is “NATURAL” really, so you mean to say you have never popped any pain killers, motion sickness pills, or doctor prescribed medicines? Oh!!! and what about those weekend eating out, biscuits with chai (tea), the bijilion packaged foods etc.????? And have you ever asked your doctor when he/she hands you that prescription how “Natural” are those medicines?” oh well that’s just my agitation on how our minds have been conditioned when it comes to vitamin, mineral and other helpful + safe supplements.

Most of us still feel that eating a “HEALTHY” (read: media advertised definition of healthy) diet provides all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Well, to break this myth the simplest answer I have for you is “NO”.

WHY??? Here comes the answer:

First of all, most of us DO NOT eat as well as we should.

Secondly, our food supply is not as nutritious as it used to be during the time of our grand and great grand parents. The use of pesticides, insecticides and other pollutants (man-made as well as environmental- Automobile pollution etc.) oh and not to miss the time taken for transportation of the produce (read: veggies,fruits and grains etc.) so that everything is available everywhere, so more spraying on them to keep them looking fresh when they reach the destination – Globalisation u see :).

Lastly, it is virtually impossible to get the optimal amount of vitamins and minerals through food alone. For Ex. to get 500 I.U. of vitamin E from food alone you will have to eat more than 100 pound of broiled liver or approx 125 Tbs of peanut oil :/ (Packer & Colman, The Antioxidant Miracle, Pp13). I would rather take a vitamin E capsule to keep things simple.

So, it is important to take good quality vitamin and mineral supplements daily with your diet routine to fill this gap in your nutrition and to enhance your health and well-being. Vitamin and minerals that are found in our food supply and some also manufactured by our body together are called “Antioxidants”. To read more about Antioxidant read my articles:-


I personally recommend vitamin and mineral supplements separately, in combination which is best absorbed together rather than one single multivitamin. When you take 1 multivitamin tablet most of the time you get lower dosage of the vitamins and minerals than what you may actually require as every one of us have different requirements based on our daily routine. Also, there are several vitamins and minerals that compete with each other to get absorbed in the body so its better to take them separately FOR OPTIMAL absorption.