What’s in the health & fitness news now a days

Hello all!!! Hope you all successfully completed 1st month of your  NEW YEAR WELLNESS GOALS and are continuing to work towards achieving them this year. As I always say, “Set goals not resolutions. Resolutions are meant to be broken but GOALS are achieved”.  I have had a busy month at work “Thankx too all the NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS ;)” now I am ready for some serious relaxation.

Ok so coming to the point of writing this blog entry. I’ve been reading articles on health and nutrition world and noteworthy news and thought of sharing some latest developments with you all so you  can stay up to date, too!

One of the latest findings in the  health world is that our digestive system has a new organ called THE Mesentery.  Click  here to read the full article. Researches have now classified the mesentery as an individual organ.

What our indian culture has known for decades is now becoming popular in the west. The myriad culinary spices are getting on the news, especially the anti-inflammatory spices.

A new study published in “The New York Times” shows that “Getting up & moving can make you happier”.  This study concluded that “Moving & Happiness were linked both in short term and long term.” So lets MOVE  for a better mood :).

If you have come across any new developments in the health world do share in the comments below . Thankx for stopping by 🙂

Have a FANTASTIC week ppl.


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