Rainbowlicious :P


My Rainbow Salad 🙂

Delicious and healthy salad (Nutrient rich)

These were the things left in my refrigerator last night so i decided to go “Continental” 😉

So for this colourful salad I took

Broccoli, tomatoes. Zucchini, mushrooms (button-can’t find Shitake easily in my part of the world), Carrots, red onion.

Cut them into small bite size pieces and sautéed them in very little “Filtered” groundnut oil. Then i sprinkled some salt and freshly grounded black pepper + some italian parsley and rosemary leaves cut up on it. Mixed everything and drizzled little lemon juice on top. Walaahhh my yummy salad was ready but my meal wasn’t as proteins were still missing. I always have mixed sprouts handy at home so all i did was added aprrox 250 gms of mixed sprouts and little amount of grated “un-processed” all natural pepper-cheddar cheese to this salad and i was all set for a yummy, healthy, nutrient rich dinner.

Try it yourelf 🙂

If you are a non-vegetarian you can club this salad (minus cheese) with grilled or baked fish ( mackerel is a healthy choice) or 1 grilled (skinless) or pan cooked chicken breast (approx 3oz- size of your palm).

Learn the art of eating and save yourself from the rising healthcare cost and distress of illness.


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