Almond Sugar scrub

almond sugar

I am sure all of you ladies are ready to flaunt your shiny, smooth, radiant skin this summer.

This almond sugar scrub is an excellent way to get there.

Ingredients:- ( quantity for face – you can make more if you have the time to indulge in a full body scrub 😉

1 tbsp crushed almonds

2 tsp crystal sugar

1/4 tsp raw organic honey

1/4 teaspoon organic ghee (clarified butter)- make it 1/2 tsp if you have dry skin

1/2 – 1 tsp raw milk (to make a paste)

Mix all of the above and make it into a paste. Wash you face properly with luke warm water and apply this scrub on the face in circular motion. Keep massaging you face in a circular motion till you have covered the entire face properly. Wash it with luke warm water, pet dry with a clean towel and apply any natural moisturiser – ( I personally love organic JOJOBA Oil)

Point to remember:-

Your skin is one of the largest organ and “SKIN EATS”.

  • Choose products with no more than 5 ingredients on active ingredient list.
  • Choose products with ingredients you can pronounce.
  • Scrub at least once a week

In short:- If you have the time to go get facials outside- you have the time to do it at home yourself. By doing this you will be 100% sure of the product you are using and will keep yourself away from harmful chemicals as well as from damaging your pocket.

I do suggest to go and take regular body massages – (with organic and ayurvedic oils though) for proper blood circulation and better nutrient delivery.

While you are doing this on a sunday morning you can also make a healthy protein hair pack and make it a complete “Natural care” day.

Stay Tuned for my Protein Shine hair pack recipe and Glowing facial recipe…..

Live Simply, Live Beautifully,

Be Fanatically NATURAL 🙂






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    i will definitely try on Friday and inform you the results. Love you

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