My understanding of Dr. Carolyn Myss’s philosophy of “WHY PEOPLE DON’T HEAL”


It is really sad that there is devastation all around us. Either it is through natural calamities like floods and earthquakes or through wars and human violence. Human is 1 such species made by god who is given the “BRAIN” to think and make right choices. Yet, we use it more to think negative about others. We have progressed so much through the years but our thinking!!!!! still at the same level.

The term “healed” as Bernie Siegel explains in his book “Peace, Love and Healing” represents a person who has undergone “holistic” healing. This means that the mind, body and soul all have healed not just the disease (B. Siegel, 2001). There are many such people who have survived devastating, incurable diseases but are still not living a happy life. They are “cured” but not “healed”. Let us look at “Why people don’t heal” from the point of Dr. Carolyn Myss.

 Dr. Carolyn Myss, through her audio book “Why people don’t heal”, explains how our thoughts influence our lives. One of the reasons Myss gives for “why people don’t heal” is that people get stuck in their past. These people are not aware of their ability to let go of the past and forgive. Myss believes that these people are so connected with their past that they keep these memories alive by revisiting them over and over again. They keep themselves attached to the past (C.Myss, 2001).

According to Myss, “your biography becomes your biology”. By this, I think she is trying to explain that every human being creates his/her own reality. We keep our past incidences alive within our mind; deny forgiving and forgetting the past and letting go of all the anger and resentments. Myss says that this past life incidences and the anger and resentments are all carried as debt in our cell tissues and thus influence our health in adverse manner. I think Myss is trying to say that we give our valuable energy to our unpleasant past experiences as and when it suits us to fill our needs. This is a negative energy. When we share our negative experiences with others this negative energy feeds our cells and in turn feeds our illness, thus converts our biography into biology (C.Myss, 2001). To put all this in simple words, we actually become what we think. For example, if we keep nurturing the emotional experience of our first relationship breakup and the feeling of how badly we were treated by a loved one, this type of stored up emotions can give rise to wide range of illnesses. According to Myss, it is only after forgiving others and ourselves and after letting go of the past we can take charge of our mind and take it on the path of healing the illness caused by those emotions (C. Myss, 2001). Carolyn Myss says “forgiveness is the most powerful thing you can do to your biology” (C.Myss, 2001, DISC ONE- part 3).

Carolyn Myss calls the process of healing as “unattractive”. Myss says that healing one’s self is not an easy task. One has to take the responsibility of healing themselves. Healing requires a lot of hard work and the willingness to let go of the past. Dr. Myss uses the example of therapy as a boat ride in which people go to the other side of the river but they do not want to get off because if they will then they will have to let go off all the emotions and perception that cause the illness and thus let go of the benefits and manipulative power that came from this illness (C.Myss, 2001). There are some people who feel that they are not being noticed by others. They crave attention and for other people to show sympathy towards them. When we see an ill person we usually feel sorry for them or sympathize with them. For such reasons they cannot and sometimes are not willing to be healed. Everyone wants to stay away from their pain. No one likes pain but to give it up and to heal requires giving up the thoughts and perceptions that give us comfort which people are afraid to do and that is what Dr. Myss calls “unattractive” (C.Myss, 2001).

The term “woundology” according to Dr. Carolyn Myss is the past illnesses and injuries that we use to get some benefits out of our current situation or to get intimacy. Some people use their past wounds to hide their faults and feelings and thus stay stuck in them (C.Myss, 2001). Woundology, I think basically means one hanging on to their physical, spiritual, emotional or psychological wounds from the past.

Dr. Myss talks a lot about the difficulties of letting these wounds go.  She states that there is lot of time and energy spent in recognizing and identifying people’s wounds. Myss is trying to say that the main motive is to get past these wounds and become healthy. According to Dr. Myss, holding on to these wounds means to drain off all the energy that we need to live our lives. Dr. Myss also says that “forgiveness” is the only way this draining of energy can be stopped (C.Myss, 2001).

My thoughts on “Why some people don’t heal?”

I think it is difficult for some people to heal because they are afraid of losing the friends and the support of the family members that they have gained on basis of their past traumatic experiences. In order to heal they have to let go of the emotional benefits that they used to gain sympathy and power, which they are afraid of.  Some people cannot heal because I feel that they do not want to accept their own fault that might have caused their past experiences and they keep blaming others. It is very difficult for them to forgive. They have such high ego that sometimes comes in their way of forgiveness.

I just hope that after learning about this I can go back and forgive myself and everyone from my past so that I can truly be on the path of complete “holistic” healing.




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3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by goldy on November 8, 2013 at 10:51 am

    Nice thought on “Why some people don’t heal”.
    If any person overcome from his past & able to heal, but don’t forgive even he is not expecting anything from his friends & family because he believe in “fearlessness”, what u w’ld like to say in that scenerio.


    • Hi Goldy,
      I feel that if you are not able to forgive than you are still nurturing the hurt within you which means complete healing is not over. some work is still left at the emotional level.


  2. Posted by goldy on November 14, 2013 at 11:47 am



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