“NUTS” over “PEANUTS”??????


OK!!!! First of all sorry for being away from my blog for a long time. It has been very hectic past 6 months but now i am back on track and will definitely try to get you good articles every month 🙂

SOOOOOO !!!!! Here we go again. We all know that majority of Indian regions are home to peanuts/groundnuts. They are local,nutritious and our traditional/ancestral diet was based on peanut/groundnut oil and roasted/boiled peanuts. Yet, today we fear them thinking about their fat and cholesterol content. Everyone  is running behind the BIG “OLIVE OIL” and “COOKING OLIVE OIL” (read my article on olive oil on this blog), Safflower oil, Sunflower oil, Rice bran oil and X Y Z that’s advertised by media. Who really knows about “Filtered groundnut oil”??? Yes, FILTERED. Well this is again a topic of discussion but i will leave it out of this one for now.

Thyroid patients are asked not to eat peanuts. I don’t know why they are never advised on not eating BISCUITS, CHIPS and other packaged foods???? Peanuts once cooked do not have any adverse effect on Thyroid.

Anyways coming to the point, lets see how amazing PEANUTS are for us and there is absolutely no need to avoid them.

Peanuts are actually not NUTS. They belong to the Legume family like the peas and beans (kidney beans,Lima beans etc), but their nutritional properties resemble nuts and they look like nuts hence we consider them as nuts.

  • A study done at the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences found that “peanuts rivaled many fruits for their antioxidant content.” Peanuts rank as high as strawberries in their antioxidant content. Another study was done by researchers at the Purdue University to check the “impact of peanut consumption on total diet quality”  and it was found that “including peanuts in the diet significantly increased magnesium, folate, fiber, copper, vitamin E, and arginine consumption.” All of these micro nutrients play an important role in the prevention of heart disease (J. Bowden, PP 153-154).
  • Peanuts are also high in NIACIN. This is a B vitamin which plays an important role in keeping the nerves, skin and digestive system healthy.
  • THE FAT JAZZ- The fat in peanuts is “MONOUNSATURATED” – the same like Olive oil & Mediterranean diet. And i am sure all of you have read/heard ample of research studies on Mediterranean diet and olive oil being associated with lower levels of heart disease, cancer and longer lifespan. You read about it/ hear about it and then spend mindlessly on such diets and olive oil, not even once trying to find out how good our local food is.
  • University of Florida research also found that peanuts have a high concentration of a polyphenol called “p-coumaric acid“.  A research paper in American Journal of physiology-cell physiology showed the powerful antioxidant effect of p-coumaric acid when used in rats. In this study the p-coumaric acid significantly inhibited the oxidation of bad (LDL) cholesterol in rats. Research has shown that “ROASTING” the peanuts increases the levels of p-coumaric acid in it, thus boosting the overall antioxidant content by as much as 22 percent(J.Bowden, pp 154). That’s why my diet plan suggests “ROASTED” peanuts 🙂

CAUTION: Agreed peanuts are awesome but don’t hog on that market bought peanut butter. Regular “grocery store” brands of peanut butter are loaded with sugar and trans fats. Read the label to find sugar and “Partially Hydrogenated oils” – Trans fats.  Either make your own peanut butter at home (plenty of healthy recipes online) or buy the one that states “Natural” on the label and does not have sugar and partially hydrogenated oils in the ingredient list.

STOP degrading our local, seasonal and natural foods and start to include them in your daily diets. THEY R NOT MAKING YOU FAT. YOUR WRONG FOOD CHOICES, STRESSFUL ENVIRONMENT AND WRONG LIFESTYLE IS.



1.  Bowden, J, Ph.D., C.N.S, (2007). The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth,Beverly,M.A.: Fair Winds Press.


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  1. Love this article. Thank you so much for sharing!


  2. Posted by Sandeep Shome on July 11, 2013 at 11:06 am

    Thanks for sharing this…I will start having peanuts regularly now!


  3. Posted by Doris J Mehta on July 11, 2013 at 12:16 pm

    Nice to read yr blog again. They are good.


  4. Posted by sumeet mehta on August 20, 2013 at 3:53 pm

    good read , like it


  5. your welcome 🙂


  6. I blog frequently and I seriously appreciate your information. Thee article has truly peaked myy
    interest. I’m going too take a note of your blog and keep checking for nnew information about once a week.
    I subscribed to your RSS feed as well.


  7. Posted by Unnikrishnan on August 11, 2014 at 11:40 am

    Good one madam


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