A “Healthful” treat

So, i am back from the wonderfully adventurous trip to Kenya. Yup!!!! The dusty SAVANNA 🙂 and brought back with me the amazing wildlife (Jungle living) experience, the unforgettable memories of family get together (met them after almost 15 long years) and of course the main “hero” of this article ” The peanut-cheese salad recipe”.

To start with a short glimpse of my trip:

Our 3 day trip to Masai Mara National Park was a lifetime experience.  Zebras, Wildebeests (ready to migrate), Lions, Cheetahs (saw a live kill- baby deer), Leopards, Elephants, grumpy and mean looking Hyenas, Hippos lazying around in the river water, Crocodiles, Rhinos, variety of Deers, Vultures, Ostriches, Giraffes and us under the vast African sky in the middle of the dusty savannah and not to miss the amazing living in a “tent” experience. We also saw the local “tribal” people known as the Masai’s, covered in red and black cloth draping and bead jewelery and learned that they still live an “almost” hunter-gatherer type of lifestyle. They even drink cow blood- WOOOO!!!!. Above all I spent fun days with uncle,aunt, cousins and their kids who had just returned from their “EUROPE” trip so lots of fun stories to share. It was during this stay that i got a chance to attend a few family “get-together s” and this was where i came across this mouth-watering starter.

NOTE: Picture link is posted on my Facebook page.

Ok now the recipe,

You need:

Roasted peanuts

Finely chopped onions, tomatoes and green chilies

Dry roasted green peas

cheese cubes (any you like) or feta cheese crumble

chopped coriander

1/2 lemon

Salt, pepper and chaat masala to taste

Mix all the ingredients together just before serving. Garnish with whole coriander and sliced tomatoes and Njoy …….

A bit on health benefits:-

Peanuts/groundnut: Actually a legume but considered as a “nut” because of its high nutritional value. Extremely rich source of antioxidant compound known as Ubiquinol-10. This antioxidant is one of the best to help detoxify bad “LDL” cholesterol, even more than vitamin E according to Harvard’s research scientist, Balz Frei (Bakhru, 2007, pg 87). Nutritional advice: add roasted (pref. unsalted) peanuts to your daily snack regimen. A handful is a good measure.

Onions: I am sure you have read my earlier post on this but just a recap. Onion is a strong antioxidant food being the richest dietary source of quercetin, a powerful antioxidant. This substance is not found in white onions. It has several anticancer compounds. It is also shown to help thin the blood, lower cholesterol, raise good “HDL” cholesterol, Ward off blood clots, fights asthma, chronic bronchitis, hay fever, diabetes, atherosclerosis and infections.Use this in limit. Excessive intake can cause gas formation and heartburn. Recent experiments found that abundant use of onions have a tendency to reduce the number of red cells and to lower the hemoglobin (Bakhru,2007, p 86).

Lemon juice: Lemon has anti-inflammatory properties. Though lemon juice is acidic in taste, its reaction in our body is alkaline. Hence, valuable in the treatment of arthritis, gout, rheumatism, sciatica, hip-joint pain (Bakhru,2007).

Tomato: A powerful antioxidant  being the major source of lycopene. It is also shown to be an anti-cancer agent.  According to the John Hopkins researchers lycopene is low in people suffering with rectal and bladder cancer (Bakhru,2007).

Coriander: Possess cooling properties.

Cheese: Good source of calcium and protein. Aaahhhh!!! my weight conscious friends don’t worry. Just cut down junk and fried food from your diet and add 1 slice of cheese a day to your diet and you will be just fine 😉

WOW!!! I had double treat 😉


1.Bakhru, H.K. (2007). Healing through natural foods. Mumbai, India: Jaico publishing house.


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