Hookah vs. Cigarette

People of today’s generation have become so dependant as well as skeptical that for every little thing they “want” a well researched proof. One simple example is  “dadima’s nuskhe” or “Home remedies”. What our grandparents new and used to take care of our health at home is the same exact thing that is being proved by lots of researches today. Articles are written on the health benefits of eating turmeric, ginger and other regular kitchen spices to help people understand the main value of this nature’s bounty.

So here is another article which includes information from research done by some of the experts of our country. Hope this will help people (especially the youngsters) out there, better understand the difference between cigarette and hookah and stop them from further blowing up their health in smoke ringlets.

More and more medical experts are warning against the myth of hookahs being safer then cigarettes. According to Dr. Mahalakshmi, a General physician “A person consumes almost 70 % more nicotine when smoking hookah compared to cigarette. The flavors are chemical based and badly affect the lungs.”

Common problem among hookah Smokers:

  1. Throat infections
  2. Lung infection
  3. Respiratory blockage.

“Hookah can also cause cancer,” says Dr. Maffruddin, general physician at Columbia Asia Hospital.

According to the staff at some of the de-addiction centers hookahs are more injurious to health then cigarettes.

Dr. Manoj, counselor in Miracle Foundation Re-habilitation centre states that “we have found second stage cancer among regular hookah users. This addiction is just as difficult to get rid off as cigarettes.”

This will surely help those who really want to help themselves.

People, this does not mean you can opt for cigarettes – quiet obvious.

Take charge of your well being “TODAY”.

* The above information is for educational purposes only. There is absolutely no intension to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any health problems or diseases. Consult your doctor for specific medical advice, diagnosis and treatment, advice on diet, herb and exercise.**


Taken from newspaper article and modified by Radhika Mody:

1. Farheen H & Ravindra D, 28th December’2010. Oh Boy, I am hooked on hookah, Bangalore Mirror, Pg 2.


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