OLD AGE- “Our Elders” & Ayurveda

                                      Today, thanks to the medical advancement, more and more people are living longer even in this “Grab n go” generation. But, is aging just about living as long as possible? If you are not healthy to enjoy the years of your life then what good are those extra years? SO let’s take charge of our health. Afterall, it’s “OUR LIFE”.

                                      The meaning of ayurveda is “the science of longevity.” Ayurveda does not merely look at curing disease but target at maximizing the lifespan and providing optimal living ( Frawley, 2008, pg. 297).

                                   David Frawley, in his book Ayurvedic Healing states that, our elders are the fruit of our culture. In them we can see the outcome of our cultural values for good or for ill. “How we have really lived is reflected in how we age and how we die.” (Frawley, 2008, pg 298). The experts say that it is natural for us to lose interest in worldly things like money, fame, work and sex and develop wisdom, detachment and discrimination. According to the ayurveda experts, this is actually the sign of proper growth and not the sign of decline. We always admire the fall colors of the leaves and do not insist that leaves remain green, young and vibrant. We accept the seasonal changes and enjoy their beauty as well. Despite this, we have very little appreciation for the beauty and wisdom of our own season of “old age” (Frawley, 2008).

                                   According to the Ayurvedic science, “OLD AGE” is the stage of life dominated by VATA. Vata is the biological air humor. The attributes of vata are coldness, dryness, decay and disintegration. Typical diseases of old age are constipation, dry and wrinkling skin, falling of hair and teeth, Weakness of bones, cracking of joints, arthritis, poor memory and hearing and vision loss (Frawley, 2008,pp 299).

                                 Ayurvedic experts suggest that external oil massage with sesame or other herbs medicated oil is beneficial in old age. Pure Ghee(clarified butter), is also known to help support mental clarity and nourish the nerve tissue. According to Ayurvedic experts, Chyavan Prash is the best tonic to maintain health and youth of the tissues (Frawley, 2008, pp 299). 

According to Ayurveda, some herbs shown to be helpful for elderly are:  (D.Frawley, 2008,pp 299-300)

Gotu kola: Memory and hearing

Ashwagnadha- Helps in retaining bone and joint strength

Guggul- Arthritic pain

Shilajit – Helps in maintaining kidney and reproductive system function

 Triphala – Helps in constipation, Colon rejuvenation

Experts also recommend incorporating positive changes in the right direction to feel, look and stay healthy and rejuvenated as you age. Regular practice of yoga is also recommended for maintaining flexibility of the joints and preventing arthritis. Practice of pranayam is known to be helpful in maintaining strength and vitality as well as strengthening the lungs (Frawley,2008).

Get ready, get set and take charge.

Stay healthy, stay happy

Your’s in health


 ** The above information is for educational purposes only. There is absolutely no intension to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any health problems or diseases.The information contained herein is in no way to be considered as a substitute for a consultation with a duly licensed health care professional. Consult your doctor for specific medical advice, diagnosis and treatment, advice on diet, herb and exercise.** 


1.Frawley,D. DR (2008). Ayurvedic Healing- A Comprehensive Guide. Delhi, India: Motilal banarsidass Publishers PVT.LTD.


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  1. Posted by Nimesh Mehta on June 12, 2010 at 11:55 pm

    Once again a great article……keep up the good work.


  2. Posted by Prakash Mody on June 28, 2011 at 8:56 am

    Thank you. Nicely written , short but informative.


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