Oil Massage

                      Many of us who were born and raised in India, remember the oil massage given to us by our mother’s or grandmother’s. Even today, in India an infant is given a nice warm oil massage before bath. Let’s learn the reasons behind a nice warm oil massage.

                   Oil massage is an important daily practice with good therapeutic value. Properly done massage helps:

  •  Remove fatigue
  • Improve circulation to the organs and the skin
  • Increase muscular tone and flexibility of the joints
  • Eliminate waste product through skin
  • Stimulate the nervous system
  • Prevent aging
  • Increase longevity

Oil Massage” is an important treatment in Ayurveda. In Sanskrit it is known as “Abhyanga”. In Ayurvedic treatment, medicated oil is used to massage the entire body, including head and feet. According to Ayurvedic wisdom, regular oil massage helps to remove toxins and excess fat from the skin, making the skin glossy, soft and strong (Frawleyand Ranade; 2007).

A warm sesame oil massage given to a child is shown to calm the child’s nervous system, help promote sleep and nourish the skin. Above all, this type of oil massage is said to increase the child’s feeling of being nurtured and cared for (Frawley,2008).

Oil massage does not have to be a full body massage all the time. Applying a common oil, such as sesame oil, to the feet or head twice a week is also considered helpful. Experts say that the therapeutic touch communicates with our body and breaks the stagnation along its surface. Oil massage is also shown to nourish the heart and calm the mind. Essential oils are important in this aspect. Essential oils are known to help open up the mind and heart and purify the air as well as the aura. Even incense works along the same line. Incense is shown to aid in purification and help to create an atmosphere receptive to the Divine powers (Frawley, 2008).

Regular warm oil massage to the hair and scalp has shown to inhibit premature hair loss or graying of the hair and promote sound sleep. Experts state that massaging the soles of the feet helps to improve eyesight, prevent cracks to the skin of the feet and strengthen the reproductive system( Frawley and Ranade,2007).

** The above information is for educational purposes only. There is absolutely no intension to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any health problems or diseases. Consult your doctor for specific medical advice, diagnosis and treatment, advice on diet, herb and exercise.**


1. Frawley,D. DR (2008). Ayurvedic Healing- A Comprehensive Guide. Delhi, India: Motilal banarsidass Publishers PVT.LTD.

2.  Frawley, D, DR, Ranade, S, DR. (2007). Ayurveda-Nature’s Medicine. Delhi, India: Motilal banarsidass Publishers PVT.LTD.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Nimsh on March 16, 2010 at 12:24 am

    A great article especially since most of the new generation has forgotten the good effects of different oil massage. Great job by Radhika to educate the new generation on the old therapies.

    Please Enlighten the new generation with more such articles.


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