Acne – Home remedies

ACNE” , an inflammatory condition of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles, is perhaps the most common chronic skin disease. Statistics from last few years show that nearly eight out of ten young people between the ages of 12 and 24 suffer from some degree of acne. There are over half a dozen forms of acne. The areas that are chiefly affected by acne are forehead, temples, cheeks, chin, chest and back. It can also be in the form of severe scarring (Bakhru, 2007).

Causes: The origin of all the forms of acne is known to be wrong feeding habits, such as irregular eating time, improper choice of food, excess consumption of sugars, starches and fatty foods. Chronic constipation is known to be another major cause of acne. Irregular bowel movements hamper proper elimination of waste and  cause the accumulation of toxins in the blood stream. Extra efforts of the skin to eliminate the excess waste is known to result in acne and other forms of skin eruptions (Bakhru,2007).

According to Dr. Bakhru, the main emphasis should be giving on correcting the diet. Dr.Bakhru says  “strict attention to diet is essential for recovery.”  Dr. Bakhru makes following recommendations: (Bakhru, 2007, pg 174).

1. Restricting starchy, protein and fatty foods.

2.Avoiding meats, sugar, strong tea or coffee, condiments, pickles, refined and processed foods, soft-drinks (sodas), candies, ice-cream and other products made with sugar and white flour.

3. Including fresh, juicy fruits like apples, pears, grapes, peaches and grapefruit in the diet and avoiding citrus fruits, bananas, dried, stewed or tinned fruits.

4. Emphasis should be given on fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, sprouted seeds and whole grain cereals.


Home remedies

1. A healing pack made of grated cucumber, oatmeal cooked in milk, and cooked, creamed carrots is found to be effective.

2. A teaspoonful of coriander juice and a pinch of turmeric powder mixed and applied after throughly washing the face,every night before retiring, is another effective home remedy known for pimples and blackheads.

3. The juice of raw potatoes is also found to be very effective in clearing skin blemishes. This cleansing action of raw potato juice is known to be due to its high content of potassium, sulphur, phosphorous and chlorine.

** The above information is for educational purposes only. There is absolutely no intension to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any health problems or diseases. Consult your doctor for specific medical advice, diagnosis and treatment, advice on diet, herb and exercise.**



1. Bakhru, H.K. (2007). A Complete Handbook of Nature Cure 4th ed. Mumbai, India: Jaico publishing house.


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