Summer SKIN splash !!!!!



Hello my gorgeous ladies. SO here I am with yet another fun “3 S” recipe to flaunt that glowing skin this summer.

I always vouch for and advise all to stick to seasonal eating. We all know that our “SKIN EATS” and so here is a tasty face pack recipe your skin will LOOOOVVEEE.

Summer Spalsh face pack:-


2 fresh strawberries (organic, wisely sourced)- yes as they are one of the highest sprayed fruits.- Contains Vit C which is necessary for collagen formation, Helps lighten the blemishes and acne scars.

Few pieces of fresh cut papaya (organic) – An exfoliating agent, removes dead cells, peels away dry skin.

2-3 grapes (green or black whichever is at home- organic)- Astringent, Rich in antioxidants which help reverse the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots, Contains Vit C which is necessary for collagen formation,

1/2 teaspoon pure, raw HONEY- See the link below

(optional) 1/4 teaspoon dried sew weed / spirulina powder – Emollient, Rich invitations and minerals.

(FOR DRY SKIN) 1-2 drops of coconut oil or almond oil


Mash one strawberry, 2-3 pieces of papaya and 2-3 grapes together. Wet face with room temperature water and use these mashed fruits as a scrub massaging in upward motion. Wash face with Luke warm water.

Mix all the ingredients now mashing them really well and apply as a face pack. Leave it for 10-15 mins or till dry. Wash with Luke warm water and again rinse face with Cole water to close the pores. Pat face dry.

Remember to always keep yourself hydrated with lots of water and have these seasonal fruits.

Helpful links:-

Fruitfully Radiant face pack

Know your “HONEY”

Stay close to nature, Stay beautiful




Magical, Mystical “NATURE”

weed 1

For past few weeks, In the mornings when I walked to my terrace herb garden to water the plants I noticed this very different (not herb/vegetable) seedling/sapling (baby plant) growing in my mint (pudina) pot.  Thinking its some wild plant (weed) growing out of no where, I was uprooting it and throwing it away, until 2 days back when my house help saw me doing that and said “Ma Beda” ( Please don’t in Kannada). Yes, in Kannada a young women is addressed as “Ma” with respect. Anyways so getting back on track, I looked at her with  perplexed expression. What was she talking about? I mean we can clearly see it doesn’t belong there!!!!! She went on to say that this plant is very good for stomach issues, especially stomach pain. I stood dumbstruck as my college Herbology II class lecture (9 years ago) filled me with nostalgia.

Didn’t get it??? Let me explain.

I was suffering from on and off bouts of stomach infections since past few weeks. My house help’s “REVELATION” made me remember what was mentioned in one of my herbal study class text – “Weed are those plants whose medical properties are yet to be discovered”.  There was also a story about an old man and his dog stating how one day the man saw a weird-looking wild plant grow in his front yard and he saw his sick dog straight running out  and eat this when ever he was let out to do his business. The man noticed for a few days and the dog became perfectly fine. That “wild plant” my friends is what we call today “The Dandelion”. The dog was suffering from digestive and urinary tract issues. Today we know that many Naturopaths & Herbalist worldwide prescribe dandelion as a supporting remedy. So the point is, here I was having stomach issues and there, “Mother Nature” was trying to help me.

Yes!! I did try the leaves (have had studied herbalism, I could gauge the safety of consuming it) . I chopped and added them in my vegetable curry. It did make my stomach feel much better. My house help uprooted the last one in the mint pot and planted it in a brand new pot 🙂 she even told me the name in her language, I didn’t quiet get it :/. That’s my next project “To get the name of the nature’s gift”. Nature is sooooo mystical. Don’t you all agree??? Always there to provide for us in magical ways.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all plants are safe to consume and some can cause very serious side effects, especially if you are taking any other medications.When in doubt never ever self medicate. Always take professional help. 

** The above information is for educational purposes only. Consult your doctor or other qualified healthcare professional for specific medical advice, diagnosis and treatment. **

Roti or Rice???

“I am only taking whole wheat rotis now a days. Need to loose this weight at any cost.”

” You know I am from a RICE eating land and love rice but had to stop due to family history of diabetes.”

“Radhika I have completely stopped rice. I am only eating brown bread and whole wheat  with extra bran chapatis.”

I get these and many more such replies when I start the diet consultation regardless of fat loss or weight gain. So today let me clarify you “MYTHS” / “DOUBTS” / MISINFORMATION  whatever you call it , which you have been made to believe since ages. So fasten your seat belts as you are about to experience the “Super sonic roller coaster” of happiness , especially my rice loving janta (population) 😉

Here we go,

Rice and Roti are the main staples of India, without these no Indian meal is complete yet they have been surrounded by controversies since ages. We have heard everything from how rice should be a complete “NO NO” for weight loss and diabetics to having only “Dry (sukha)” roti for good health to boycotting wheat “Gluten free” may help keep you disease free.


Here is a brief profile of each:


It’s a cereal grain.

There are different varieties of rice produced based on the parts of the world/region they are grown. The nutrient profile of the rice also changes based on the variety.  India has more consumption of white rice. White rice is made by removing the husk of rice and polishing it. This process removes the impurities and make the rice easy to digest.

Nutrient information:-

1 bowl of cooked rice gives approx 100 Kcal, 23 gram carbs, 2 gram protein & approx .1 g Fat. It also contains essential amino acid like Methionine so when eating with daal and vegetable as a complete meal, completes the amino acid profile.


It promotes the growth of good bacteria (pro biotics) which helps with digestion and ease bowel moment and helps relieve bloating.

Rice is shown to prevent pre mature wrinkling

It helps in the assimilation of Vitamin D and calcium

Rice also helps the body assimilate vitamin B6 Click here to know more about Via B6 (


Roties are made of whole meal flour. Just like rice, variations of rotis are found in diverse cultures around the globe. It is normally eaten along with pulses and vegetable curries or meat curries.

Roties made out of whole wheat flour are a great source of fibre, protein, iron and calcium.

1 medium roti gives approx 100 Kcal, 22 gram carbs, 3 gram protein & .5 g fat.

So now that you see that both of their nutrient profile is so similar what is the “Distinguishing Factor”? 

well, there is more than 1.

1st factor:-

The way these carbs are processed in our body. Polished rice lacks the fibre and thus is considered a “Simple Carb”. It coverts to sugar (glucose) easily in the body.

Whole wheat roti contains fibre and thus is a “complex carb”. This makes it longer to convert to glucose, due to the extra work that the body goes through it slows down the release of glucose in the blood stream.

2nd factor:-

Wheat contains something called “GLUTEN”. This is a type of protein which is responsible for the elastic texture of the dough.

Researchers at The Columbia University announced a “breakthrough” in the understanding of how gluten is linked to several health issues. Their findings revealed that the complaints gluten-sensitive people (those with non-celiac gluten sensitivity) experience are a consequence of a disruption of the gut lining. See below link for full article . (

This finding that the breakdown in the intestinal lining as a response to gluten exposure is, according to Harvard researchers, an event that occurs in all humans. Dr. David Perlmutter, a renowned neurologist, states that “there is immune activation occurring in all of us when we consume gluten, whether we think we are having issues, or not”. He also states that there is a relationship between the mechanism of immune activation and diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s, coronary artery disease, and even obesity and he states that once we understand this impact of gluten on our system  it makes opting for a gluten-free diet the clear choice (

So now that we know our staples the point is which one to choose?

If you are looking for fat loss & love eating rice than eat rice by all means but make sure of the portion. DO NOT HOG. Portion control is the key here along with making sure to eat the rice with 1st class protein (paneer/tofu/egg/chicken/mutton etc.), salads, vegetables, pulses which have fibre. Having small portion of rice (about 1 small cup cooked) and combining it with the above mentioned foods lowers the glycemic index of the meal, slows down the digestion thus the conversion of carbs to glucose will slow down. So this makes it safe for even diabetics to consume rice as long as the food combining and portion control is followed.

On the other hand, If you are someone with digestive tract issues, gastritis, frequent acidity, allergies etc it is wise to stay gluten-free so avoid whole wheat products. But if you dont have any glten sensitivity or above mentioned issues and love roti by all means enjoy eat, follow the same principle of portion control. Keep Carbs to a limit and combine it with 1st class protein, good fats (like pure ghee and filtered oils) and fibre for better assimilation and digestion.

Read more on grains here :-

So feel free to choose whichever you like keeping in mind the traditional way of consuming eat and stop giving in to the Myths floating around.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy


** The above information is for educational purposes only. There is absolutely no intension to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any health problems or diseases. Consult your doctor for specific medical advice, diagnosis and treatment, advice on diet, herb and exercise.**


  1. Dr. Perlmutter blog articles.




Vitamins R Vital





So, here I am yet again talking about how important it is to include vitamins in our daily diet regimen.

I suggest certain vitamins & mineral supplements to every single diet client of mine and of course add specific once for those who need some more. Within hours of me sending them their individualised nutrition plan I invariably receive an email “Radhika, thanks for such a detailed diet plan but are those “TABLETS”/ “PILLS” really required? I mean i want to stay completely NATURAL.”

My reply usually is “NATURAL” really, so you mean to say you have never popped any pain killers, motion sickness pills, or doctor prescribed medicines? Oh!!! and what about those weekend eating out, biscuits with chai (tea), the bijilion packaged foods etc.????? And have you ever asked your doctor when he/she hands you that prescription how “Natural” are those medicines?” oh well that’s just my agitation on how our minds have been conditioned when it comes to vitamin, mineral and other helpful + safe supplements.

Most of us still feel that eating a “HEALTHY” (read: media advertised definition of healthy) diet provides all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Well, to break this myth the simplest answer I have for you is “NO”.

WHY??? Here comes the answer:

First of all, most of us DO NOT eat as well as we should.

Secondly, our food supply is not as nutritious as it used to be during the time of our grand and great grand parents. The use of pesticides, insecticides and other pollutants (man-made as well as environmental- Automobile pollution etc.) oh and not to miss the time taken for transportation of the produce (read: veggies,fruits and grains etc.) so that everything is available everywhere, so more spraying on them to keep them looking fresh when they reach the destination – Globalisation u see :).

Lastly, it is virtually impossible to get the optimal amount of vitamins and minerals through food alone. For Ex. to get 500 I.U. of vitamin E from food alone you will have to eat more than 100 pound of broiled liver or approx 125 Tbs of peanut oil :/ (Packer & Colman, The Antioxidant Miracle, Pp13). I would rather take a vitamin E capsule to keep things simple.

So, it is important to take good quality vitamin and mineral supplements daily with your diet routine to fill this gap in your nutrition and to enhance your health and well-being. Vitamin and minerals that are found in our food supply and some also manufactured by our body together are called “Antioxidants”. To read more about Antioxidant read my articles:-


I personally recommend vitamin and mineral supplements separately, in combination which is best absorbed together rather than one single multivitamin. When you take 1 multivitamin tablet most of the time you get lower dosage of the vitamins and minerals than what you may actually require as every one of us have different requirements based on our daily routine. Also, there are several vitamins and minerals that compete with each other to get absorbed in the body so its better to take them separately FOR OPTIMAL absorption.


Relief or Ransom???

Yes I know you all are thinking what’s this all about? This is very different from the topics she writes on. Well, I have been thinking to do this since long and finally today is the day. You will come to know what’s this about as you read on. I know its long but hang in there.

As a full-time practising Holistic Nutritionist & Natural health counsellor I come across many (almost 90%) clients who come to me as the last resource after trying “everything under the sun” like literally after spending not only their hard-earned money but their energy as well as peace of mind.

Trust me, I have very high regards for all the “Health care Professionals”- Doctors,nurses, dieticians, surgeons, pathologists, pharmacists and so on who practice ethically and guide their patients with “True to the time” knowledge and treatment. I have many in my family 🙂

It is ironic to see “malpractice” in a place where one goes with full faith of getting better. Doctors just prescribing medicines after medicines without going to the root of the problem. If one medicine doesn’t  work the patient is put on another one saying “this will definitely show results”.No advise on dietary and lifestyle changes is given what so ever or to add to the dilemma dietary advises are given by those who are not well read in the subject of nutrition. Dieticians prescribing same age-old diet plan without upgrading on the recent nutrition research like excluding egg yolk in the diet etc. And this is not limited to human care. It’s worst in animal care genre and why not, after all “Yeh kutta/billi/gai/Bakra thodi bolega kya ho raha hai?” – Translation:- “The dog/cat/cow/goat will not be able to tell whats happening to them.” Antibiotics after antibiotics are prescribed for pets without proper investigation and poor pet parents, who do not have any knowledge about such things, blindly trust the doctors and keep shelling out money in desperation of saving their fur babies.

case 1: I had a client who came to me 3 months back in desperation of loosing weight because she was trying to conceive for which all possible “check ups” and tests were done FIRST and she was finally asked to loose weight to help her conceive. Don’t you think it would have been more feasible & economical for her if she was rather advised to loose weight and eat right first and see if that worked before putting her through bijillion uncomfortable tests? At least for non complicated cases this should be the right protocol. what say? Several research confirms PCOD/PCOS which is one of the major cause in conception issues can be managed well through proper holistic diet and scientific exercise program.

Case 2: A close friend of mine was going to join a new company for which  he was asked to get a complete medical check done. The night before he went for the test he feasted on mutton biriyani and sweets and before that for 3 days continuously he was feasting as it was a friend’s wedding. Next day morning his blood was drawn for blood test. His blood sugar and cholesterol reports came messed up- (Obviously). Without asking him about his previous day’s diet recall or medical history or family history the doctor immediately prescribed him cholesterol lowering “STATIN” medication to a fairly young man, 25 yrs of age. He than came to me with the reports and as surprised as I could be since I knew he was regular with his workouts and proper diet, i asked him to give me his 3 days diet recall. i recommended him to Detox, change his diet for a month and continue his workouts and get another blood test done a month later. This time the reports were all normal.

By the way new studies confirm Cholesterol is not a threat. Click here

I can go on and on with such examples but I hope you got the point.

All I am saying here is that practice of prescribing medicines and getting lab tests done from “a particular lab” even if the patient has recent reports as soon as some form of discomfort is noted is increasing day by day. What different is this than asking “RANSOM”???It would be so much more “Ethical” and “Humane” to work in the right path by associating the right professionals together to bring the right solution. This will happen when the patients/consumers will start learning about the truth (at least the basics) and not blindly trust anything that any professional says. Start asking questions until you get a satisfactory answer.

Here is a note about an “ETHICAL” Doctor’s Dilemma that came floating a few weeks back on my whats app:-

Doc note

I would like to add to this that they eat and drink all of the above + alcohol, smoking and lot more and when a dietitian prescribes them vitamin and mineral supplements they say “Ummmm…. are those really necessary?? Actually I would like to go the Natural way.”  And one more, “No offence my Doctor readers but this is happening day in day out. As soon as one is diagnosed with Hypothyroidism that person is asked to stop eating peanuts, cabbage,broccoli etc by the doc. Why not ask them to stop BISCUITS, pastries, pizzas, burgers and the like first and ask them to start exercising for better metabolism. After all thyroid is there for Metabolism, isn’t it?”

Lastly, Kudos to all the medical professionals who genuinely want to help their patients by keeping their well-being as utmost priority for which  these professionals make sure to upgrade their “professional” knowledge from time to time and pass that on to their patients/clients in the form of “True to the time” treatment. These are the professionals who don’t hesitate to recommend alternative care to their patients to help them recover sooner, better & with least side effects. I know quiet a few of these guys which keeps my faith going in healthcare but I would definitely like to see more 🙂

And advise to you all ,please use common sense when it comes to your health and wellness. As Dr. Mercola states in one of his FB posts “STOP being fooled by the common money grab. Arm yourself with information so you can take control of your health”. Do not let them put “Profits” before “People”. “Jaago grahak Jaago.”

Not to bore you any further here is a link to the latest money-making hack going around. Do read it :-

Why say “YES” to “Wisely Sourced” Saturated FATS????


Well hellooooo everyone 🙂 Since I see people still panicking about adding “good” fats to their diet I thought of writing yet another piece on how amazing the “good FATS” are. So do stay with me till the end if you really want to enjoy all your yummy food and still maintain or loose that unwanted fat & gain health in the process 😀

Most of us (especially the online health article readers and health video you tubers) have  heard of these terms EFA’s (Essential Fatty Acids) & EAA’s (Essential Amino Acids) but have any of you heard of ECA’s (Essential Carbohydrate acids)??? If you are still a firm believer that “Eating FAT makes you FAT” &  avoid all the yummy food in the desperation to loose those love handles and fit in that “College day” outfit, well,


Saturated fats coming from safe, healthy sources like Grass-fed butter/Ghee, Cold pressed filtered coconut oil, shredded coconut, Grass-fed meats, Malaysian palm oil, wild caught Salmon, Avocados and avocado oil, Filtered groundnut oil, olives, flax seeds, free range chicken eggs and the like are all actually beneficial to humans. These are the “finest” source of energy in the human diet. How? Let’s see 🙂

In our body, our cells manufacture a molecule called “ATP- Adenosine Triphosphate“. This is the Unit of energy. Simply put, ATP is the energy that helps us perform our daily functions. This is the “POWER HOUSE” of our cells. We need this power house to perform any activity taking from growing a beard to dancing away on your favourite tune ;). From each molecule of sugar our cells produce approximately 36 molecules of ATP, whereas our cells produce more than 100 molecules of ATP from every FAT molecule. Walah!!!! this means when we include these healthy fats in our diet our energy level spikes. Anyone of you hear about “Bulletproof Coffee” yet??

Dr. Jonny Bowden, also known as The Nutrition Myth Buster, calls fat as the “High octane gas for the cells”. Fat is the natural fuel for the body. No wonder my morning “MASALA Chai” with a tbsp of  pure,organic Ghee gives me the perfect wakeup kick 😉 Continue reading

What’s in the health & fitness news now a days

Hello all!!! Hope you all successfully completed 1st month of your  NEW YEAR WELLNESS GOALS and are continuing to work towards achieving them this year. As I always say, “Set goals not resolutions. Resolutions are meant to be broken but GOALS are achieved”.  I have had a busy month at work “Thankx too all the NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS ;)” now I am ready for some serious relaxation.

Ok so coming to the point of writing this blog entry. I’ve been reading articles on health and nutrition world and noteworthy news and thought of sharing some latest developments with you all so you  can stay up to date, too!

One of the latest findings in the  health world is that our digestive system has a new organ called THE Mesentery.  Click  here to read the full article. Researches have now classified the mesentery as an individual organ.

What our indian culture has known for decades is now becoming popular in the west. The myriad culinary spices are getting on the news, especially the anti-inflammatory spices.

A new study published in “The New York Times” shows that “Getting up & moving can make you happier”.  This study concluded that “Moving & Happiness were linked both in short term and long term.” So lets MOVE  for a better mood :).

If you have come across any new developments in the health world do share in the comments below . Thankx for stopping by 🙂

Have a FANTASTIC week ppl.